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Upgrade O2 Atom Windows Mobile 6.5

O2 XDA Atom or Atom Pure produced with Windows Mobile 5 as Operating System. But now the Operating System of O2 XDA Atom can be upgraded to Windows Mobile version 6.5. By using this version, O2 XDA Atom can have the maximum performance and and better graphical display.

What is needed to upgrade O2 Atom?

You need:
1. Personal Computer
2. Active Sync
3. O2 XDA Atom ROM
4. Data cable

Here, I use Atom & Atom Pure ROM Windows Mobile 6.5 CE OS 5.2.21806 Build 21806.5.0.50 by Khoa_Ha

ROM Information:
CE OS 5.2.21806 Build 21806.5.0.1 KHOA_HA
Pagepool: 6M

- New TouchFlo 2D Diapad(new version)
- Titanium Weather 4.2b (new)
- UCWEB(new)
- Khoa's Titanium(new)
- Calculator Pro(new)
- S2P (new)
- And New Start Icon, Theme, IE6, Cursor and more....

Upgrade O2 XDA Atom:
1. Open Active Sync and go to Connection setting. Untick "allow USB connection", OK, and exit
2. Enter Bootloader. Turn off the O2 Atom and simultaneously press power button, camera and reset button (hole in the left bottom, press with stylush) will go into Bootloader mode.
3. Extract ROM files that are downloaded and copy all files to C: / WINDOWS / Temp /
4. Connect the O2 Atom with your PC using a data cable.
5. Open Device Software Update Utilityl.exe (the file is already in the copy to C: / WINDOWS / Temp /)
6. In update items step, select the OS + ExtendedRom and click NEXT
7. Wait until the device recognized and click UPGRADE. Do not pull a data cable until the upgrade process is completed.
8. After Upgrade proccess is completed, you can turn on device and configuration settings. And the device will automatically make auto install application for O2 XDA Atom

Now, you can enjoy your O2 XDA Atom with Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System

Download Archive:
1. O2 XDA Atom & Atom Pure ROM Windows Mobile 6.5,
CE OS 5.2.21806 Build 21806.5.0.50 by Khoa_Ha
Download link edited October 08, 2009


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